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Glory Index First
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Evangelist Billy Graham

Captain Ray LewisThis Glory index First describes Captain Ray Lewis's ministry in New York City during the Prohibition Era. Enjoy the "glory" that Captain Ray discovered and shared in his life's work.

Chapter One
"New York Prohibition"

Captain Ray Lewis
Page 1
Friend Ray Lewis
Page 2
Siberian Mammoth Office
Page 3
Broadway Prohibition Days
Page 4
Morristown Church Angel
Page 5
Jesus Heart Love
Page 6
Publish Glad Tidings
Page 7
Worldwide Church Waiting
Page 8
Ray's Insatiable Wanderlust
Page 9
Hartford Outdoor Work
Page 10
Outdoor Christian Fishing
Page 11
House Visitation Campaigns
Page 12
Broadway Sweater Girl
Page 13
Providence Training College
Page 14
One Spoonful Pea Lewis
Page 15
Large American Flag
Page 16
Evangelist Billy Graham
Page 17
Open Air Meetings
Page 18
New York Spanish Church
Page 19
Money Consecration
Page 20
Lord Financial Freedom
Page 21

"Glory Index First"
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