Colton Church Procession
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Colton Church Procession
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Bishop Gooden Home

Bishop Gooden HomeBrimming with enthusiasm, I arrived for the church Procession in the Colton Church California. I soon discovered, however, that the Vicar and Parish Committee were not too keen at all on having a revival! The Warden, Chuck Weidman, who was also the Operational manager of the Bank of America questioned me intensively, "How much will the mission cost?" His steely eyes betrayed that I needed to choose my words carefully. "The Dean" I replied precisely, "has given us a blank check for this mission!"

Silent Witness

Procession of PeopleAfter a moment's startled silence, a broad grin spread across Chuck's face and he retorted, "Then what's stopping us" As a start, we suggested holding a church procession as a silent witness on the evening of the first service. Certain of the planning group, however, were mildly shocked at the thought. One middle-aged man became tired of our endless haggling but retained his sense of humor. He hustled us out of our seats and led us, pied piper style, in a parade around the back of the church. Marching us about singing, "Onward Christian Soldiers," in his croaking base voice seemed to break the ice. The procession was reluctantly agreed and allowed to go on.

"Colton Church Procession"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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