Chester Jail
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Chester Jail
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Plush Italian Hotel

ChesterThe dark deserted streets of the city offered me little consolation. In desperation, I stopped a police officer, who listened politely as I related my sad story. "I remember the Church Army during the Second World War," he said. "Yours was the best cup of tea at the front!" To my surprise, he then added, "I don't see why you couldn't stay in a Chester Jail Cell in the circumstances!" Entering the Chester Jail, its bareness surprised me. A barred window made a picture frame of the stars at the far end. As I sat on the hard wooden bed on one side, I sighed in relief and gratitude. The officer handed me a pile of coarse gray blankets with a smile. Then, as a symbol of my freedom even within the confines of the jail, he pushed back the heavy steel door and left it ajar! Lying there, I chuckled quietly to myself, "How different these plain emulsion paint surroundings and hard boards are to the luxurious comfort I enjoyed last night in that plush Italian hotel!" Later I could boast, "I'm probably the only American tourist ever to have slept in a Jail Cell as a free man!"

Zealous Evangelists

Detroit AirportSo my tour of Great Britain over, I flew back to Detroit where Captain Jones met me. My bubbling enthusiasm quite overcame him. "We must strive in the American Church Army," I insisted, "to be zealous evangelists like our English colleagues. Our main aim must be evangelism and everything else we do can only be a by product of it." Straightforward "no-nonsense" evangelism was my way!

"Chester Jail"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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