Basement Apartment Heaven
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Basement Apartment Heaven
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County Court House

Barton County Court HouseAfter several months, one of our affluent church families, the Treasurer of Barton County, invited me to stay in their spacious country house. This large cool basement and shared bathroom was a basement heaven to me. Then, my dream world evaporated. My host's wife drew me aside to tell me quietly, "I'm sorry, but our daughter needs more time in the bathroom for her make up in the mornings! Perhaps you could build a little "lean-to" of corrugated iron behind the chicken coops instead like the scouts do on camping trips."

My Miserable Plight

When the bishop discovered my miserable plight, he arranged a room in the Pioneer Hotel in Great Bend. Day by day, I traveled along endless dusty roads to our four little churches. Church Army asked the Bishop one day whether I had enough of a missionary challenge! He wrote back, "The Captain has four whole counties already, but if that isn't enough I can easily throw in three or four more!" I had a special contribution to make. Father Bob Mize had taught me at the Associate Mission. "Don't just give them another protestant church. They have a good Methodist and Congregational church. The Episcopal Church's distinctive contribution is the catholic faith as we have received it. Give them that!"

"Basement Apartment Heaven"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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