Full Blooded Sioux
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Full Blooded Sioux
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Noisy Hawk Blacklance and Wesley Bob

SiouxThe Bishop was encouraged that many Sioux workers like Noisy Hawk, Point Blacklance, Wesley Bob, Estes and Sister Hawk had become Christian leaders among their own people. The Sioux are a First Nation Tribe in North America. There are many ethnic groups and language dialects. The major sub-divisions are the Santee, the Yankton-Yanktonai and the Lakota. These full blooded Sioux Church Army Officers, speaking their own language had a great advantage over whites. This helped Captain Estes once when two Mormon missionaries arrived on the reservation. As they tried to persuade the natives with their Mormon teaching, he very graciously explained in Sioux the difference between Mormon beliefs and those of the Christian Church. He especially emphasized the false Mormon teaching that Jesus was not truly God.✞

Sioux Brothers

Sioux Native GirlI discovered that I need not be concerned. The natives had a lovely story about an early white missionary's meeting with a Sioux warrior. The visitor enquired, "How do you make a full-blooded Indian into a Christian?" The tall bronzed Sioux man replied, "Only a full-blooded Christian can turn a native into a full-blooded Sioux Christian!" Those early Christian missionaries and clergy were known for their disciplined lives. There were stories of them marching two by two along the street in identical dark trousers, black coats and starched clerical collars with the bishop at the head.

"Full Blooded Sioux"
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