Meeting Wilson Carlile
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Meeting Wilson Carlile
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Church Army

Wilson Carlile and TromboneNervously, I paced up and down in a little side room of our London Church Army Headquarters. "What will it be like see and talk with Wilson Carlile?" I asked myself. My anxiety faded away however as I grew more intrigued by the sparseness of his workplace. It looked more like an accountant's office with its blank walls, high stool and neat piles of paper.

The Warrior Bursts In

Wilson CarlileSuddenly, like a warrior, Wilson Carlile burst in. His trim grey uniform and carefully manicured appearance was quietly impressive. His alert fiery eyes greeted mine. How intent he was on talking about our Lord! After meeting Wilson Carlile, we talked for over an hour before I realized that we had hardly mentioned the American Church Army Society at all!

Holy Ghost and Fire

Carlile and his sisterSometime later, I realized why his eyes had sparkled so. I stumbled across a little booklet he had written called, "The Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire." The fact that he had experienced the Holy Spirit and the fire of God explained his extraordinary zeal. It was a joy to have known Wilson Carlile.

"Meeting Wilson Carlile"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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