Episcopal Church Lompoc
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Episcopal Church Lompoc
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Coveted Gothic Jewel

Lompoc CaliforniaBeing an evangelist, has its blessings but it also has its drawbacks. Captain Ray's work at Camarillo which was a thriving community of 66,000 in the heart of Ventura County had been so enjoyable that when the time eventually came, he did not really want to move.The bishop had asked him to go down to the Episcopal Church in Lompoc, but he wrote back begging for six month's grace. The bishop's stern reply left everyone in no doubt, "Your move," it read, "is "facti accompli" - an accomplished fact!"

Stained Glass

Stained Glass from St Mary LompocAs I left Highway 101 for the Lompoc turnoff, an eerie silence seemed to descend over the road. Deep green moss draped the shaded oak trees on both sides. A night fog lay like a sinister carpet upon the fields. Except for the purring of my engine, all was hauntingly quiet and still. The tall stacks of a mine glinted in the dusk sun on my left. Then, in a halo of mist, the beautiful timbered church of St. Mary's Episcopal Church suddenly rose, a coveted Gothic jewel lovingly built in the center of town. The derelict and broken down Parish House next to it stood out in stark contrast. To my surprise, the church was ablaze with light. A crowd of people milled around the doorway outside. "Are they the members of some neighboring congregation?" I wondered. "Who had come out to welcome me?"

"Episcopal Church Lompoc"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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