Processional Cross Evangelism
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Processional Cross Evangelism
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More Drastic Steps

Procession with CrossThe organist began quietly at first, gradually sliding out the stops, until its booming chords thundered around the auditorium. Another cadet peered through the corner of a window. He was carefully observing the reaction of two women who happened to be chatting on the opposite side of the street. As our organ bellowed out its great crescendo of sound, they stopped, looked up to our window for the briefest moment, then resumed their gossip across the house fronts.

Indifferent Reactions

Deciding that even more drastic steps were necessary, I pushed open the big dusty windows on the roadside as wide as they would go. Still our neighbors didn't come across to see what was happening! Finally, we marched the church's brass processional cross and our Church Army flag backwards and forwards past the open windows to the marching triumphal strains of the organ. We hoped our neighbors would believe that there was an elaborate procession going on inside, but still they remained indifferent!

"Processional Cross Evangelism"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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