Chief Running Horse
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Chief Running Horse
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Standing Rock Sioux

Sioux WarriorAs Captain Ray Lewis's work with the Church Army cadets on the Reservation was drawing to an end, the indigenous peoples honored him in their own very special way. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, in Fort Yates, North Dakota gave him the special name of "Ta Inyanke" meaning "Chief Running Horse." because he had constantly traveled from place to place. "Ta Inyanke" had once been the name of a deeply loved Christian in their own tribe whose honor Captain Ray was to perpetuate by receiving his name.✞

Star Quilt

Star QuiltAs a mark of this new relationship, a beautiful multi colored star quilt was draped over Captain Ray's shoulders. Another Church Army Officer, a friend from the Republic of Namibia was also honored with another title "The World Traveler."

Tribal Hall Feast

Dancing WarriorAfter two years moving around in ministry, Captain Ray returned to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in Fort Yates in North Dakota for a great feast at the Tribal Halls. They hadn't forgotten "Running Horse". "Oh, Running Horse," they greeted him. He was now truly a relative and was reminded of that fact later in the feast. We had eaten our fill and had been presented with gifts of American bead work and more food to take home. When the dancing started Captain Ray thought that he would join in too. Without a glimmer of emotion, the Tribal Chief caught his arm and gently cautioned him, "A cousin doesn't act that way!"

"Chief Running Horse"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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