Eleanor's Sewing Ministry
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Eleanor's Sewing Ministry
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Tape Measure

Sewing Tape MeasureFrom then on, our new children with their Bible ghost stories wanted to meet every week. Soon they were bringing their brothers and sisters, and even their parents too. Amazingly, God had used a rumor about our haunted church to open the door to people's hearts in this poor and needy community. Saint Barnabas's Church, from that point, grew and grew to become a force in the slums. Many cadets and parishioners from the City labored beside us there.✞

Sacrificial Living

One lady, Miss Eleanor Gifford, lived and worked in a simple but meticulously neat little room in the East End. During the days and evenings, Eleanor's sewing ministry took her out to visit many poor teenaged girls in their homes. By arranging Bible studies, sewing classes and camping trips for them, her sewing not only kept them out of trouble, but also introduced them to Christ. In this selfless way, she built bridges into their lives.✞

"Eleanor's Sewing Ministry"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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