Brawley Prayer Blessing
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Brawley Prayer Blessing
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Prayers Were Answered

Colorado RiverGlancing back into those reddened eyes as I rose to leave, I knew that things were going to be different from then on for Dave. I wondered where and when I would see him again. My hectic life soon swept out this concern until many years later, I was climbing the stairs to the Diocesan General Convention in Los Angeles, deep in thought. Suddenly, stepping out toward me, face bright and shining, was Dave Bogna, and how he had changed! "Well, Cap, the Lord has really blessed me," he explained excitedly. "I'm free of drugs, out of prison and happily married now. They have even elected me the warden of our home church, St. Mathias in Los Angeles." His blue eyes glinted happily as he spoke.

Dave Bogna

Seeing my stunned expression, he added, "well, Cap, your prayers were answered after all!" Choked with swelling emotion, I could only whisper, "Yes, and many other people's prayers too!" Dave was for me one special "Brawley Prayer Blessing" from six very fulfilling years' work in the Imperial Valley.✞

"Brawley Prayer Trophy"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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