Christ Working Glory
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Christ Work Glory
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Trans Atlantic Trip

Liner The United StatesMy preaching mission over, I traveled to Southampton to board the luxury liner United States bound for New York. Soon after we sailed, I introduced myself to the ship's Captain and was pleased when he asked me for my help during the five-day trip. So, the following Sunday morning I hurried eagerly to take a service in the ship's luxurious first class lounge. Everyone aboard had been welcomed to attend, and it intrigued me to discover what the first class was really like! A fine group of musicians more used to quicksteps and sambas led several hundred passengers in songs of praise that day. "We all belong to one class before God!" I told them.✞

New York Banker's Story

SteamboatThere must have been many rich people listening then who were like a certain New York banker I heard about. To escape the burdens of life he took a trip on a Mississippi steamboat. He overheard a worker humming quietly to himself as he vigorously mopped the deck. "I don't understand it" he told him. "Here you are, scrubbing and cleaning all day long, and yet you are so happy!" Placing his hand on his heart, the worker replied simply, "You know, the secret of Jesus is here. He gives me Christ work glory!" Moved by this simple yet radiant life, the banker later sat down and penned the following poem.✞

Get a Glory!

Oh, you got to get a glory in the work you do, an Hallelujah Chorus in the heart of you.
Paint or tell a story, sing or shovel coal, oh, you got to get a glory, or your job lacks soul.
Oh Lord, give me a glory. Is it much to give? For you got to get a glory, or you just don't live.
The great whose shining glory makes our pulses throb are the men who got a glory in their daily job.
For those who get a glory, it's like the sun, and you can see it glowing through the work they've done.
Now fame is transitory, and riches fade away, but when you got a glory, it's there to stay.
0 Lord, give me a glory, on the Christian side, you've got to get a glory or you're dead inside!"

"Christ Work Glory"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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