Poway Powerhouse Meetings
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Poway Powerhouse Meetings
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Electrical Store

Poway in San DiegoAfter Colton, the Bishop sent me to a mission town called Poway on the outskirts of San Diego. It's motto was "the City in the County." Hidden from the main highway, the new housing estates lay in a natural dip surrounded by five hills. Going from door to door was easy for an evangelist. Every home, from the smallest apartment on the lower slopes to the palatial mansions on the hill top boulevards, was my field of action.

Power House

Power House SignThough we possessed no church or meeting place then, soon five "Poway Powerhouse meetings" had sprung up in the different areas. Eventually these groups ventured out from the hillsides to worship together. The Powerhouse meetings joined together in a little shop front, over which hung the original electrical store sign, the "Power House."

"Poway Powerhouse Meetings"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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