Holy Love Jackpot
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Holy Love Jackpot
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Radio Mast

Radio MastAs my voice echoed these words around that room, suddenly God's love and presence became amazingly real. "The love of God was being shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost which he was giving me." I was now experiencing the truth of this verse for myself! God's love was overwhelming me as His Holy Spirit was being poured out within me. Wherever I wandered, he was there, in the church, in the side rooms, everywhere! Throughout the night, the faces of many old friends and acquaintances came to mind with an inward desire to pray for them. Until the morning light, God's divine love warmed me and I bathed in His presence. Lost for words of my own to praise Him, a heavenly language gave flight to my adoration. "Holy, Holy, Holy . . . Lord God of Hosts, Heaven and earth are full of your glory!" At breakfast the following morning, one of my colleagues leaned across the marmalade jars and crockery. "Are you all right?" he asked kindly. "You were making much noise last night! That must have been some prayer meeting you were having!" I smiled back thoughtfully. "I too had hit the jackpot in Las Vegas, 'A Holy love Jackpot!'"

"Holy Love Jackpot"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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