Damaraland Doors Open
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Damaraland Doors Open
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Cape Town

WindhoekA letter from Bishop Joost of Damaraland encouraged me more than anything else, though I still waited for news of a renewed visa. As I pondered, offers of work in the United States began to pour in. An interesting trailer ministry in South Carolina was open, also a job at St. Francis Home for Boys. The offer I finally accepted was in the Diocese of Oklahoma.✞

Offer of Ordination

Cape TownThe Bishop of Oklahoma was most understanding about my call to Africa and even offered me ordination if I felt so called of God that this would help. Soon afterwards, Bishop Mize requested that I return, the Damaraland doors had opened and finally the visa from the South African Consulate had arrived! All the Damaraland doors opened at once! A missionary society offered me my fare, and to top it all the bishop of Damaraland granted me a salary of one hundred dollars a month! A hundred dollars more than before! The following letter from the Archbishop of Cape Town then placed my missionary task on a less individualistic basis.

Bishop Joost Encouragement

Flamingo in Valvis Bay"Dear Captain Lewis, I am delighted to hear that you plan to return to Damaraland. I want to assure you that the Church of the Province of South Africa welcomes you most warmly. We hope very much that through your instrumentality the American Church may take a more prominent part in the province generally. A few months ago, I tried to get help from the British branch of the Church Army, but they were so pressed as to be unable to accede to my request. Your coming, therefore, augurs well for the future. With all good wishes, Joost, Cape Town."

Walvis Bay Ministry

Aircraft on TarmacSo, again, I flew into Windhoek and Bishop Mize met me. So the Damaraland doors opened and that very next day I went to work at Walvis Bay among the thousands of Orambo laborers. James Kaulauma, my old friend had recently returned from Church Army training in Kenya to join me. He was very keen to start Gospel meetings twice a week at the compound Hall.

"Damaraland Doors Open"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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