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Evangelism Handbook Index

The Church's Task
Pages 1-12

This chapter explores a number of different types of evangelism and presents a whole series of church growth programs. This chapter includes the church evangelism challenge, the secrets of effective growth and on the lighter side, King George's Gift. Today's feature is Effective Church Growth explaining how the natural growth of families in an area and other factors can effect numerical growth in a church.

Page 1
Page 2
Evangelism Challenge
Page 3
Church Growth Inventory
Page 4
Effective Church Growth
Page 5
Hard Church Growth
Page 6
Christian Mission Umbrella
Page 7
Peter's Evangelism Strategy
Page 8
Binding Evangelism
Page 9
Personal Evangelism Meditations
Page 10
Joshua's Great Deeds
Page 11
Christian Faith Doubt
Page 12

The Evangelist's Task
Pages 13-31

This chapter of the Evangelism Handbook is all about effective Christian witnessing. Today's feature is the Bible Occupations Quiz exploring how well you know your Bible! Other pages cover the Action Club Soldier. It discusses Jesus' Commands, the Prophet Jonah and Effective Listening Skills.

Action Club Soldier
Page 13
Jesus Daily Promises
Page 14
Bible Occupations Quiz
Page 15
Prophet Jonah's Message
Page 16
Prophet Jeremiah Message
Page 17
Prophet Ezekiel Story
Page 18
Conveying Spiritual Truths
Page 19
Jesus Everyday Talk
Page 20
Effective Listening Skills
Page 21
Know Yourself
Page 22
Personality Traffic Light
Page 23
Christian Fisherman's Prayer
Page 24
Adult Personality Reaction
Page 25
Parent-Child Relationship
Page 26
Common English Bible
Page 27
Decisive Christian Faith
Page 28
Christ's Spiritual Nature
Page 29
Soul Rainbow Eyes
Page 30
Jeremiah Hears the Lord
Page 31

Equipment and Technique
Pages 32-43

This Chapter explains the use of music, visual aids of various kinds and the bubble and ladder letters alphabets as a relatively new lettering technique. It also includes an explanation of the symbolism of basic visual colors and some sketch board techniques for teachers. One special feature is the Ladder Lettering Alphabet a new and attractive way of presenting a message!

Television Visual Message
Page 32
Basic Visual Colors
Page 33
Flannel Board Stories
Page 34
Sketch Board Technique
Page 35
Ladder Lettering Alphabet
Page 36
Magnetic Board Accessories
Page 37
Flash Card Presentations
Page 38
Children's Flash Cards
Page 39
Humming Singing Worship
Page 40
Easy Guitar Chords
Page 41
Practice Playing Music
Page 42
Funny Christian Jokes
Page 43

The Sunday School
Pages 44-56

This chapter concentrates on evangelism in the Sunday school and childrens ministry. Today's feature is the Sunday School Questionnaire exploring the reasons teachers enjoy Sunday School ministry! This chapter also includes a series of 24 short training course videos for Sunday School Teachers beginning with the Effective Sunday School.

Sunday School Beginning
Page 44
Church School Growth
Page 45
Sunday School Survey
Page 46
Effective Sunday School
Page 47
Church School Principles
Page 48
Church School Approach
Page 49
Church School Child
Page 50
Jesus Miracle Word
Page 51
Children Like Sponges
Page 52
Sunday School Organization
Page 53
Deep Feeling Children
Page 54
Christ Expressed Teacher
Page 55
Mine Twice Over
Page 56

Disco and Coffee Bar Evangelism
Pages 57-62

This chapter examines Christian youth ministry including Disco Ministry and describes various youth leader types. Youth for Christ leader Shawn Taylor speaks about his calling as a youth leader. "Over the past 10 years, I continue to be a passionate, relational voice to youth and young adults. My heart is to help young people realize that there is hope and the future is full of light and life (despite life's imperfections)." This chapter examines youth ministry from the same perspective. Today's features are Mashed Potato Christians exploring what it means to be an authentic Christian. Other interesting studies are Christian Evangelism Objectives and the Grease Love Story.✞

Christian Disco Ministry
Page 57
Mashed Potato Christians
Page 58
Good Christian Intentions
Page 59
Christian Evangelism Objectives
Page 60
Christian Disco Prayers
Page 61
Grease Love Story
Page 62

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