Deep Feeling Children
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54. Deep Feeling Children

Simple Thinking or Shallowness?

TeethMany adults confuse "thinking simply" with shallowness. However simple children's thoughts may be, feelings can run deep. Two rivers may flow along at the same rate per minute. The one is wide and shallow as it meanders through a flat grassland, the other is narrow, fast and deep. Like the narrow river, children appear to be unconcerned but underneath there courses carry far more depth of feeling than many adults. Like most mothers, my wife had told my eight-year-old daughter to be sure and eat all her lunch, and not to waste any of it. That day, Jane hadn't been able to finish her lunch and had thrown part of it away. To our small girl, this took on great significance with us later as her feelings ran very deep. A child's growth is a little like a spiral learning staircase. Beginning at ground level, the developing personality travels upward around and around. At each new level, a question may be asked by the child and an answer given to everyone's apparent satisfaction. Then, when the next level is reached, the little one may well repeat the same question again and at the next one enquire once again. To some, the assumption would be that the lesson hadn't been learned the first time. What we are seeing is the learning process. This one step at a time repeated over and over is the road to maturity. So the barrage of questions never ceases on the way to growth.

Sunday School Curriculum
Video 21

The Sunday School Curriculum video introduces teachers to how the Sunday school process works. It introduces teachers to the Sunday school curriculum and how to maximize their effectiveness with the children. They can then work towards maximizing the benefits for the children in their class. A teacher once explained to her class that everybody needed to ask Jesus into their hearts to become a Christian. After the lesson, a puzzled six-year-old asked, "How does Jesus come into my heart, Miss? Through my mouth?" This little girl had visualized this concept in purely physical terms. She had thought of one person (Jesus) entering another person (herself) and assumed that the only way in was down her throat! We must beware of using unexplained spiritual concepts which may be wrongly understood in a purely material sense by children. We need to explain most carefully precisely what we mean. In the process of explaining to the children, we should also be conscious of the effect our words may have on their feelings. The video is 3 minutes long and 2 seconds long. training videos can be viewed on YouTube. Video 22 of this series on effective Sunday schools page 178 can be found below.

Sunday School Material
Video 22

This Sunday school material teaching video seeks to assist teachers to choose the very best curriculum for use in their Sunday school classes. It seeks to help teachers in the task of choosing the best teaching course for their Sunday school class. There are all kinds of published Sunday school lessons on the market today and many different options. It is important to know therefore the characteristics of any material you are considering using. You need to make sure that it aligns with your church's theological beliefs. I came across a list of 64 publishers including five in the Spanish language in my research. You might inquire at your local Bible shop as to what is available or go to your denominational office. Generally, the larger publishing house materials which are available appear quite different in that they use a four-color presentation on glossy paper. This is compared to much of the denominational material which is a lot simpler, shorter and often produced on photocopy paper. They are not as attractive as the publishing house materials. Several national companies are producing this material as well as one for just about every denomination. There are some pros and cons to both. This video on Sunday School materials will help you decide. It is 2 minutes long and 41 seconds long. The next Video 23 of this series on effective Sunday schools page 179 can be found below.

Sunday School Syllabus
Video 23

This church school analysis video presents an examination of your curriculum by comparing it with various other materials available in the Christian market place. It is intended to help teachers see how to improve the teaching materials which will be used with the children in the Sunday school class. This video is 3 minutes long and 41 seconds long. A complete overview of all of the Tellout Online training videos can be viewed on YouTube. Video 24 of this series on effective Sunday schools page 180 can be found below.

Church School Analysis
Video 24

This church school curriculum analysis video gives an analysis of your Sunday school curriculum by looking at other materials on the market. You are encouraged to complete an analysis of your own chosen curriculum perhaps comparing it to one or two others. This will enable you to get the very best material you possibly can to serve both your teachers and your children.

There are a couple of questions that you may wish to conclude with. Ask yourself whether your course is the best that it can be? The most important thing is that the children benefit from and get the most from your teaching. Please think of this in terms of the child rather than the desires of the teacher or the minister of the church. Do some real thinking about your teaching with the children in Sunday School. My prayer is and I hope that it is yours. With God's help, we can build strong and flourishing Sunday Schools where our children can learn about God and we can care for them in the truest sense that they may come to know him who is "the way, the truth, and the life." God bless you as you seek to minister for him with the children of your church. This video is 2 minutes and 18 seconds long. A complete overview of all of the Tellout Online training videos can be viewed on YouTube.

"Deep Feeling Children"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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