Sunday School Organization
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53. Sunday School Organization
Video 17

Explains Compares Contrasts

This Sunday School Organization video explains, compares, and contrasts the traditional and new alternative method of organizing Sunday School. Both forms of organization may be used effectively by churches. The traditional way is to have a dedicated superintendent and several committed teachers. Each teacher works week by week with each class or age group of children. The alternative method organizes a larger number of teachers from the parents themselves on a rotation system, maybe once a month or once every two weeks. These teachers are helped and guided in their work by a small number of more experienced advisors. This alternative method for Sunday School Organization has proved to be more effective in growing a Sunday School. There is a built-in bonus for the parents themselves who gain new insights from preparing and teaching the curriculum. As they develop and teach, they also learn. This video is 2 minutes and 24 seconds long. The next Video number 18 of this series on effective Sunday schools is below.

Traditional Sunday School
Video 18

This organization video explains the set up of a regular or traditional Sunday school program using teachers and superintendents. It explains the traditional running of a Sunday school program in a church, including volunteer teachers, each with a class of a different age group. This video is 1 minute and 49 seconds long. Video 19 of this series on effective Sunday schools, page 174, can be found below.

Alternative Sunday School
Video 19

This alternative Sunday School Organization video shows you how to improve your Sunday school over the traditional setup and increase the number of your children. The alternative organization video will show you how to improve your Sunday school and involve many more adults and children in the teaching process. This video is 2 minutes long. Video 20 of this series on effective Sunday schools, page 175, can be found below.

Church School Ministers
Video 20

This Sunday school ministers video is for teachers looking at improving the structure of their Sunday school. This Video is for teachers looking at the structure of the Sunday School with a possible view to introducing a more effective alternative. Imagine that you had an "Alternative Church School Structure" in operation in your church. What difference would it make to A. The Teachers? B. The Children? C. The Congregation? D. The Minister? E. The Treasurer? This video is 2 minutes and 32 seconds long. Video 24 of this series on effective Sunday schools, page 177, can be found below.

"Sunday School Organization"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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