Christian Disco Prayers
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61. Christian Disco Prayers

Lord Hear Our Prayer

How can the Lord hear our prayer in Coffee Bar Evangelism? Potato chips, small candy bars, soft drinks, and other snacks play an essential role in the Coffee Bar or Disco. Coke or Pepsi are best sold in cans or plastic cups, as glass bottles serve as very nasty weapons in the wrong hands. On the other hand, hot coffee and tea will not be in high demand except for older adult helpers. All the physical arrangements may be there, the cola and chips, the loud music and flashing lights, the right atmosphere, and happy company, yet you may not, you will not get success without prayer. Believing that the Lord does indeed hear our prayer is one of the great secrets and sustainers of the Christian life.

The Lord Hears Prayer

During the Second World War, a keen young padre held services for the troops out among the dunes and barren rocky terrain in the Western Desert. Silencing his jeep, he unfolded a crisp white cloth over the engine and proceeded to call together a small group of men. As the service progressed to the end of the responses, he concluded with, "Lord, hear our prayer." At that precise moment, a crackly voice mysteriously answered from above, "Receiving you, loud and clear!" Looking around in astonishment and bewilderment, they suddenly realized its source, a radio truck standing nearby! The Lord does hear prayer!

Prayers Answered

Though we rarely get prayers answered like the Army chaplain in that story, we can be confident that the Lord hears our prayers every time we utter them. When we pray for the young people coming to our Disco or Coffee Bar, God is "receiving us loud and clear" and sending his Holy Spirit to open their hearts to the Gospel Message. The Lord indeed hears our prayers.

Final Check List

Have I arranged?

Your Hearers' Attention

The Christian disco presentations in coffee bar evangelism are critical to its overall effectiveness and keeping your hearers' attention. Delivering Christian disco talks in the context of a Disco or Coffee Bar is, at best, a difficult task. The most productive talks have three distinguishing marks.

1. The presentation begins with something of particular interest to the hearers, which is meaningful in their own lives.
2 The talks have to be well prepared.
3. They finish with a challenge to which people can respond.

If these three are present, you have gone as far as you can to point your hearers to Christ. Though difficult, the disco talks can be the means of blessing in God's hand to the most surprising folk. I'll always remember being approached by a tough-looking guy wearing a heavily studded leather jacket at the close of a Christian Disco in Kingston-Upon-Hull in Northern England. His appearance alone instilled the "fear of God" into me! Heavyset and rough looking, I expected a switchblade to appear at any moment. But appearances can be deceiving, and we should try not to be surprised when God starts to work in people's lives.

A New Start in Life

The talks, in this case, were the starter that began this young man motoring for God. He came to know the Savior miraculously, and from then on, became a regular member of the youth group at that church. The Holy Spirit's handling of the simple message, which he heard, meant that God touched his life. The teaching, of course, had only one truth in each short five-minute section.

Disc Jockey Schedules

The disc jockey schedules the Christian talks between louder and quieter Christian music with as much variety as possible, particularly between louder and softer music. Disc jockeys are in high demand for all kinds of functions like weddings, dances, parties, and even Christian functions and present all types of music from big band sounds to rap. All kinds of Christian music are also available, and these are the selections our Christian disco DJ would present. The disc jockey schedules the Christian talks between louder and softer music. It makes sense to begin the evening with louder, upbeat songs and then go to softer pieces before the talks. Again after the presentations, play more upbeat music and so on. After finishing the cleanup, the leadership group should gather to discuss anything that may have happened and why it did! Strive to improve in all things. If some young people made decisions for Christ, then that is a matter of praise. Make sure that a Christian is assigned to follow up on this person. Finally, pray together and thank God for all that has happened.

7.30Louder Dance Music
8.15Talk 1
8.18Softer Music
8.30Louder Music
9.00Talk 2
9.03Softer Music
9.15Louder Music
9.30Talk 3
9.33Softer Music
9.45Louder Music
10.00Team Clean Up Hall. Discuss events together. Coffee

"Christian Disco Prayers"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2021

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