Christian Evangelism Objective
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60. Christian Evangelism Objective

Young People's Future

Many years ago, in rural England, groups of poor people aimlessly wandered the narrow country lanes. They had no particular destination in view but gathered fragments of wool left behind by passing sheep caught on fences and hedges. They exchanged the fleecy fibers collected in this way for food. Their dreamy, aimless way of life has given us the word "woolgathering." Woolgathering means "indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining absentmindedness." If the Christian Church is not careful, its Christian evangelism objectives can become like this woolgathering, without any goal or plan. If our own Christian Disco or Coffee Bar is not going to become undefined and "woolly," it needs very definite evangelism objectives too. Some people feel, almost instinctively, that it's wrong for Christians to enjoy themselves. People expect their expression to be glum like funeral directors. But why shouldn't our lives radiate the warmth, the fulfillment of God's love? Why shouldn't a proper enjoyment of God's creation be encouraged? To entertain means to provide the facilities, music, and atmosphere that young people will enjoy. If we are serious about evangelism, then we will realize that entertainment can also be a vehicle for the Gospel when carried through professionally.

Understand Your Audience

During the evening of the Christian Disco event, a guest speaker gives a talk on the hour between louder and softer music. Here is how to be effective in a Christian Disco. Acquaint yourself with what teenagers are thinking. See their films, listen to their records, and read their magazines. Consider using one particular CD with some connection to the theme both before and after the Christian friends talk. For example, the song "Summer Nights" from the movie "Grease" would fit in nicely with the love theme of a topical Christian talk. Think about offering a free copy of St John's Gospel to anyone who would like to read the Bible stories referred to in the discussions themselves. Then get as many of your fellow Christians involved in the organization and preparation of the event as possible. Finally, pray for your young friends individually, believing that God will bless them. Encourage all the members of the team to do the same.

Age limits

Personal invitations to school friends discourage gangs. Tear off half of the ticket at the door and give it back as a hand-in for the free drink. Cost says it is a serious venture and stops wandering in and out. Having a controlled entrance means no children and no older teens can or gangs can come in.

Scottish Preacher's Prayer

Christian evangelism standards of behavior are essential elements for a disco or a coffee house project. It is not that "anything goes" in our Disco or Coffee House. On the contrary, we will maintain the highest standards of behavior like any good secular club. If a record is offensive, we ban it! Having high standards is better for everyone involved in terms of the enjoyment provided in the long run. Entertainment on its own, however, is not a high enough motive. Teenagers can get entertainment anywhere, but Christians have more to offer than that. We must say when asked why we act as we do. Therefore, alongside entertainment must come education.

Aim to Educate

The danger in education of any kind is that the message may be exciting and rewarding in itself, but the delivery can so quickly render it dull and obscure. The Scottish preacher's prayer puts it clearly, "Lord, make us not like porridge, thick and stodgy, but like cornflakes, crisp and ready to serve." In the Christian Coffee Bar or Disco, the talks need to be clear, crisp, concise, challenging and if possible, also illustrated in color. These are all the marks of a good television program or commercial and are also the accepted norm in a society where most people watch television two or more hours a day.

Christian Evangelism Talks

The Christian evangelism talks for the coffee house, and disco evangelism events are a means of presenting the Gospel. The Christian evangelism talks should not only be well-illustrated but, like the preacher's cornflakes, crisp which means short, precise, and straightforward. It is much harder to say something in three minutes than fifteen. Many preachers have learned this lesson at their congregation's cost! On the other hand, by accepting the discipline of a strict time limit, the speaker's ministry can be stimulating. Compelling short talks can only be constructed by careful elimination of unnecessary padding and waffle. These are unholy crutches of the vain who think that any garbage on their lips is golden and the lazy who persuade themselves that people don't know the difference between prepared and unprepared. Crutches aren't needed by people who have heard the Savior calling, "Stand up and walk!" If the Christian evangelism talks are short and exciting, then even the un-churched will feel comfortable listening to them. Why not tell your audience how long you intend to speak? That's a good incentive to finish on time!

Aim to Ensure Comfort

Knowing how long people will speak in Christian evangelism talks helps make people feel more at home in the Coffee House or Disco. Most of us hate uncertainty in life. We like signs on the highway telling us of the danger ahead. We want to know what's around the corner. In a similar way, it's better not to have it so dark in the Disco that people cannot see what's going on around them. Restrict activities to a limited area, and the team is positioned around the room for easy control. Above all, set your aims high for your Coffee House or Christian Disco. You will never achieve excellence if your objective is mediocre.

"Christian Evangelism Objective"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2021

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