Bible Occupations Quiz
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15. Bible Occupations Quiz

Question MarkCan you identify from the multiple answers in the following Quiz which Bible personality fits which job?

1. Which of the prophets was a baker, A. Hosea B. Isaiah or C. Amos?

2. What was the occupation of David, under Saul A. Cupbearer B. Musician or C. Armour Bearer?

3. Who worked as a shepherd, A. Isaiah B. Hosea or C. Amos?

4. What was Saint Paul's occupation, A. Sandal maker B. Shepherd or C. Tentmaker?

5. What was Matthew's job, A. Tax collector B. Writer or C. Historian?

6. Which of the New Testament writers was a doctor A. John B. James or C. Luke?

7. Who trained as a carpenter or artisan A. Matthew B. Luke or C. Jesus?

8. Who was chosen by the LORD to make artistic designs in gold, silver, and bronze A. Joseph of Arimathea B. Bezalel or C. Philip?

9. What did both Andrew and Simon Peter do for a living? A. Keep sheep B. Collect taxes or C. Fish?

10. Who was in Real Estate before his conversion, A. Matthias B. Barnabas or C. Nicodemus?

11. Who was a political activist? A. Simon Zealot B. Andrew or C. Simon Peter?

12. What was Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus,' occupation A. Farmer B. Blacksmith or C. Carpenter or artisan?

13. Which of the following was a priest and a prophet A. Jeremiah B. Ezekiel or C. Hosea?


13.B 12.C 11.A 10.B 9.C 8.B 7.C 6.C 5.C 4.C 3.C 2.B 1.A

"Bible Occupations Quiz"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2021

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