Christian Children Stories
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56. Christian Children Stories

Mine Twice Over

Child's Boat"Mine Twice Over" is a Christian children's story about Jimmy and his boat. Once a little boy named Jimmy decided to use his pocket money to buy some balsa wood, which is easy to carve and very lightweight, some cloth, string, and paint and make himself a model sailing ship. When completed, Jimmy was ever so proud, for he had made it all himself! Jimmy took his model boat to school and showed it to his teacher, Mr. Jones.

What a Lovely Boat

Teaching Children"What a lovely boat!" said Mr. Jones. "We will have to show it to the Principal," who was the school's headteacher and director. The Principal said, "What a lovely sailing ship! I want to show the whole school what you have created!" All the other children thought it was great, and the Principal placed it on the display table for all to see.

Jimmy's Boat Lost!

When the afternoon bell rang, Jimmy raced into the assembly hall to pick up his boat and take it home. To his horror, he found that it was gone. Someone had stolen it, and he thought he would never see his boat again. Months and months passed by, then one day, Jimmy was walking past a model shop in town. He could hardly believe his eyes, for there in the center of the window was his very own model boat that he had made with his own hands. He rushed in excitedly to the shopkeeper. "That's my boat in your window. Can I have it back?" "I am sorry," said the man, "But I had to buy it, and so must you!" Jimmy was very sad at first, and then he decided to do it! So off he went delivering parcels and gifts all over the town for the man in the shop.

Bought It Back

Delivery of Gift BoxesUp and down the streets, day after day, he worked until finally, he had earned enough wages to buy back his model boat. How happy he was! Jimmy had created it, and now he had worked so hard to repurchase it. You and I are a little like Jimmy's boat. God, the Creator, made us all. He also paid the price for us and our sins when he sent Jesus to die on the cross. God made us, and Jesus died for us! God can indeed say to us, "you are mine twice over!"

Mister Square Story

Niagara FallsThe Mister Square story is about Mr. Square and his wife looking for a comfortable place to sleep in sunny Niagara Falls. See how happy Mister Square is today. Yesterday, he wasn't too pleased (turn card upside down) because it rained so much. But today he is glad to be going on his holidays. He soon arrived in sunny Niagara Falls and decided to book into the motel right away. "Hello," said the man at the reception, "can I help you?" "Yes," said Mister Square smiling broadly, "I would like a room with a nice comfortable bed."

Uncomfortable Bed

Large Bed in Hotel RoomThere were not many other people there at that time, so Mister Square had the choice of rooms. The first one he went into had a large (square) bed. What shape is this? Mister Square tried it, but his feet fell right out one side, and his arms the other. It wasn't very comfortable, so he decided to have a look at some others.

Mister Square Beds

Round BedMister Square was concerned to find a suitable and comfortable bed. What shape is this one? Do you think Mr. Square will fit in this one? See how unhappy he looks! The next room he looked into had a different (pause for a reply) bed. Mister Square tried turning this way and that, but he couldn't get any rest there. Mister Square was beginning to think he would never be comfortable until he saw what was in the next one. What shape is it? Will he fit on it? Let's try it! It's just right!

Come Unto Me

Jesus Encouraging HandsAs he lay there, Mr. Square looked up and saw some writing on the ceiling. What does it say? Let's all write it with our fingers! (trace the letters with your finger in the air while saying it out loud!) "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" from Matthew 11.28. Mr. Square was not comfortable on the other shaped beds. Some people try to get happiness from money, possessions, sport, or other things when what they seek can only be found in Jesus. Jesus wants to be our friend and give us a real rest. That is the Mister Square story.

Christian Bike Story

BikeHere is the Christian bike story. How many of the boys and girls here have a bike? The Christian life is a little bit like a bike, you know! Let's see how. Do they give bikes away in the shops? Not normally! No, it would be best if you bought a bike. So it is with the Christian. Saint Paul's letter in Romans 5.8 tells us, "But God has shown how much he loves us. It was while we were still sinners that Christ died for us!" Jesus bought us.

Cleaned and Oiled

Oil Can for BikeEveryone's bike needs cleaning every so often. The Christian bike also needs washing, and again it is the Lord Jesus Christ who does it. Saint John tells us in 1 John 1.9 that, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." If you don't oil your bike, what happens? Yes, it squeaks and doesn't run properly, even seizes up. The oil for the Christian bike is prayer. It keeps your friendship with God running smoothly. Talk to Jesus regularly and often, and Jesus will keep your Christian bicycle rolling along!

Christian Bicycle Life

Bicycle ToolsThis children's story explains how the Christian life has to be equipped, lighted, and controlled. The Christian bike story for children uses symbolism to explain how in Christianity, the ideal life is bought, cleaned, and oiled. The Christian life requires tools. What kind of tools do you need for your bicycle? How about a wrench, an air pump, or a spoke tightener. A successful Christian life needs tools too. The main one is the Bible, though there are others like fellowship and Holy Communion, which help keep our Christian lives trim. Be sure to read your Bible every day and allow it to mold your lifestyle. The Christian should persist in studying the Word of God so that when trials come along, he or she has enough stored strength and memorized verses to endure. Remember to speak to God in prayer every day and throughout the day. Share your needs and listen for his guidance.

A Light Shining

Brass Bike LampYou cannot see where you are going on a bike without a flashlight to shine ahead and show the way in the dark. Jesus said in Matthew 5.14, "You are like light for the whole world." You and I are to shine for Jesus wherever we go and tell others about him. When you are riding, you can steer this way or that by guiding the handlebars. The Holy Spirit needs to control the Christian too. Jesus said in John 14.26, "The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and make you remember all that I have told you."

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