Christian Disco Ministry
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57. Christian Disco Ministry

Effective Evangelism

Youth WorkThis page presents an outline of Christian youth work and the resources available for effective evangelism amongst young people. Some people within the church feel threatened by Christian youth work. In teenagers they see childhood and adulthood mingled in such fragile vessels. Young bodies are in the process of change, youthful minds grappling with questions and challenges they are forced to answer. Boys wanting to be strong, dependable men, but melting inexplicably into childish immaturity. Girls wishing to be poised, attractive young ladies but turning without warning into snickering clumsiness. One moment rational and respectful, the next they explode in some playful pursuit. The landscape for ministering to youth today is rapidly changing. We must seek to be more effective in ministering to the next generation. Youth work exposes a perplexing crossroads of young people facing decisions. They are faced with difficult and far-reaching decisions as to what to do in life, where to work, whose values to adopt, one's family's or one's friends, the church or those of society? In the face of all this, it's no surprise that some people back away from Christian youth work. Only those who are bold enough to venture out despite the potential problems find the wealth of golden opportunities awaiting them. We are forced to ask the perennial question, "what would Jesus do?"

Youth Leader Types

Youth LeadersThere are at least two Youth leader types. Some enter into the teen world playing, laughing and crying with the young people at each turn of their emotional road. They are probably regarded as older brothers and sisters by many teenagers. They enjoy the competitive element, yet are still respected for their age and position. Others react differently, showing the same concern, but remaining more remote. Some youth leaders are always available to counsel and help as needed, but they introduce a degree of personal restraint when necessary. They are not "close family" in that sense, but more like fun-loving uncles and aunts. Some youth leaders are not known well until the time comes they are close enough to be confided in. Certain people and many adults like Bob Elliot, the Church Warden, cannot stand the uncertainty of youth. I have seen supposedly mature youth leaders and some clergy "flunk out" rather than face the challenge. The wise ones check out their resources before they begin.

Christian Youth Ministry

How to embark on Christian youth ministry to bring youth to Christ using an outreach program of either a 'Coffee House' or a 'Disco" format. Christian Youth ministry is important for every church. Without it, many churches will not survive in the future. Here are two programs that will motivate your young people and in so doing the young people will probably have a lot of good fun. The aim at all times, of course, is to lead teenagers and twenties to a real commitment to Jesus Christ. The first program to look at is Christian Disco. The pounding beat of the Bee Gees thunder throughout the lofty church hall. Bodies sway and bob to the rhythm. Then, in the doorway, a cautious thoughtful figure appears. The whites of his eyes pierce the half-light. A disturbed frown spreads across his brow as he tentatively pushes the door back and glances around. This was Bob Elliott, the Church Warden. He vaguely remembers that the Youth Group was going to "do something" but didn't quite recall just what. He had agreed at the Board of Management meeting that it was a good idea to encourage youth ministry, but he hadn't expected anything like this! In the haze, Bob recognizes someone he knows from the choir and weaves his way across the hall. "What's going on, John?" Bob asks awkwardly. "It's our first Christian Disco. Aren't the lights great?" John replies, still bobbing to the music which he is enjoying. "Do the records have to be this loud?" Bob yells as the volume of sound suddenly builds up. Momentarily a barrage of blue and white lights attack him.

Coffee House Formats

John continued, "We've got a hundred and forty people in tonight. They all paid too!" A wave of pride gushed up within him and splashed across his face in a grin. "What happens if there's any trouble?" Bob began then exclaimed, "Hey, isn't that the boy who was put on probation for breaking into the Rectory?" John avoided an answer. "It's a great opportunity to share our faith with our school friends," he explained. "Most of these people never come to church, you know." By this time, the club leader had also noticed Bob and had come over to greet him. "It's lovely to see you, Mr. Elliot. I hadn't expected you to come tonight. Will you be staying for the two-minute talks? You'd be amazed at some of the questions we get asked afterward. One guy thought that God was a spaceman! We soon straightened him out!" Bob stood silently, frozen in indecision. A remote glazed look fixed upon his brow. Suddenly, without a word, he broke away and quickly sped towards the exit. "Aren't you staying, Mr. Elliot?" John called after him. Raising both hands in a hopeless gesture, Bob bellowed back apologetically, "IT'S NOT MY CUP OF TEA!"

"Christian Disco Ministry"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2021

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