Household Faith Church
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Household Faith Church
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Long Term Entity

Chinese HouseIt is very important that we distinguish between three concepts of church in order to fully understand what the household faith church was and is meant to be. Households are first of all not independent house churches in that the household faith will be part of the local church's structure and will strengthen the local congregation. House churches usually have only a loose connection with one another and no buildings but for the homes they meet in.✞

Tie to the Church

Victorian HouseThe household faith is a separate entity like the house church but a household faith has a permanent tie to the church either through a local parish or a diocesan structure. The household is part of a wider episcopal structure and under the authority of the Church. Other denominations might order their household faith in a similar manner.

Christian Outreach in an Area

Church PeopleThe household church is not a home meeting in that it is intended not to be a long term entity and also not a short term form of Christian outreach in an area. Some home meetings are formed for a single purpose such as a Bible study, a social or a prayer group but these tend to end up with a fixed membership over several years. Home meetings are also sometimes employed over the short term as a form of evangelism in an area. The household of faith is intended to be an arm of the local church which trains up local Christians and is mandated to multiply and double its membership every two years.✞

"Household Faith Church"
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