Household Covenant Times
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Group Concensus 34

Covenanted Meetings

Four Lipsticks Group Consensus"Household covenant times spell out what is to happen in group meetings." The leader simply implements what the group has decided. The covenant times will help the group identify itself and its purpose, and it will help hold the individuals accountable to the group. Jeffrey Arnold writes in "The Big Book on Small Groups," "Remember, as you prepare the covenant, that group consensus is essential. You cannot negotiate this by majority rule."

Listen and Hear

Time Flies ClockBuilding a covenant is not simply about getting everybody to agree about what the Household is going to study. At the heart of a covenant is the willingness to take the time to listen to each other and to hear what each person in the Household wants to get from the time together. In many cases, as the Household members share their individual hopes, they will not only be listening to each other but they will understand why these covenant times are important.

Group Consensus

Anvil and many hammersGroup consensus is vital and we need to take the time to do this properly. Most Households will take a fair amount of time to put together a covenant. The time you invest in building a covenant might be the best time you have together as a Household and may be critical to the life and overall success of the group.

Four Objectives

There are four objectives for the Household of Faith group

"Household Covenant Times"
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