Household Faith Development
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Household Faith Development
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Encourage Healthy Diversity

Household GroupThe Household of Faith seeks to encourage healthy diversity by including a spread of ages, and representation of different racial and cultural groups. We know from the names of Household members greeted by Saint Paul in the New Testament letters that these groups most probably included Jews, Greeks and Romans. We encourage, as he did, the gifts of different ethnic and cultural groups to be shared in the Household, as they undoubtedly were in the Early Church. Members of other denominations are welcome to be part of the Household of Faith. Several generations should also be included in the Household of Faith, as extended Christian Homes did in the Early Church including all ages from grandparents down to the smallest child. This is an ideal but we recognize that, for example, a group of teenagers may be more comfortable meeting together with their own leadership than mixed in with older people. The Household would agree to meet weekly during the two years at a time decided by the group during the week or weekend, but not clashing with worship services at the local Church. Retirees or shift workers might prefer to meet during the daytime. Working adults or teenagers might gather on evenings. Children might be part of an adult meeting with their own teaching or as a separate group with an adult Leader and Host on a Saturday. All of these agreements would be reflected in their Household Covenant.✞

"Household Faith Development"
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