Relationship Evangelism Growth
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Relationship Evangelism Growth
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Church Growth Success

Blue Mediterranean SeaThe Household of Faith is an extension of the local church that trains and nourishes Christians. It is mandated for church growth success by dividing and doubling its membership every two years. Hence, it is a model of relational evangelism. Relationship evangelism is the sharing of the Christian faith between one Christian and another person. The Household of Faith is the only evangelism program that guarantees church growth success when it is diligently used. It brings church growth where it counts with "core" members. It does not set out to grab people from other churches but invigorates its fringe people. Its church growth success does not depend upon enthusiastic charismatic leadership but growth is built right into the system.✞

Yearly Growth

Gnarled TreeChurches can expect to experience church growth success of between 16% and 32% per annum in core membership, that is regular attending, committed workers and this can continue indefinitely year after year! These figures are based on the reasonable expectation of a congregation of 100 establishing up between 4 and 8 Households of Faith. The same church growth success rates would apply to smaller or larger churches, particularly in mainline denominations which tend to have larger fringe membership groups.✞

Global House Faith

God's Global HouseholdThe global household of faith can be applied to different congregations Worldwide where Christian and Scriptural beliefs are foundational. The Household or House of Faith is truly Global. It may be used by any English speaking or other language church anywhere in the World which has computer access to the Internet. Tellout is presently and routinely translated into English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Korean, Lingala and many other languages and are increasing all the time. Tellout is currently read in 39 languages from 93 countries worldwide. The global house of faith program will be a success with all age groups. Its home-based informal format will be welcomed by the elders in any churches but will be particularly appealing to the Baby Boom, X and Y, and the Millennial Generations. These groups are largely absent from our present congregations.

Churches Worldwide

Purple and Yellow SunsetThe global house faith is not limited in any way by denominational differences. It may be applied equally well with teaching and liturgies from different churches, whether an evangelical, high church, charismatic, liberal, low or middle church or none at all. The global house of faith comes free on the internet and does not need to be purchased in print, video, CD, VCR or any other format. It does not require expensive seminars to be attended by participants. If a problem or question arises a simple email inquiry while at the computer will suffice.

Relationship Evangelism Growth

BluebellsRelationship evangelism growth finds success in developing Christian lives and vibrant churches with the extended household model. A network of households of faith in an area will produce relational evangelism growth. As one of our evangelism resources, relationship evangelism is intended to stimulate church life. "The Household of Faith" is a "how-to" evangelism resource for a church to extend its growth beyond its building. It contains two hundred and seventeen pages in six parts.

Household Growth

The household of faith program is a relatively new approach to evangelism although sometimes found under other names. It is adapted from the extended household model used by Christians in the early centuries until 313 AD when Christianity was officially recognized and organized as an institution in the Roman Empire. This approach was recovered and used successfully by John Wesley, the Methodists and then other denominations with cottage meetings during the Methodist Revival. Relationship evangelism or the essence of Christianity according to Dr. D. T. Niles (1908-1970) is "one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread" and can be successful today even using modern media.

"Relationship Evangelism Growth"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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