Holy Spirit Body
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Holy Spirit Body
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God's Invisible Presence

Acrobat on handsThe power behind the Mystical Body is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit unceasingly animates us through Christ. Christians can uniquely say, "Immanuel" or "God is with us" for God's invisible presence moves within the personal Body of Christ. This indwelling in the individual remains the one absolute difference between Christianity and every other faith system. No other religion dares to claim that God or the Holy Spirit lives within them!

Within the Body

The Holy Spirit within the Body of ChristThe Holy Spirit is not only alongside but within the Body of Christ today. The presence of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is the one essential element at every level in the Body of Christ. An angry mob in a Western Province of China pursued a missionary who escaped by leaping into a wide river. A friend later asked, "What verse from the Bible came to your mind as you were fleeing from the spears of that murderous mob?" "Verse?" the missionary replied in surprise, "Why, the Lord himself was with me!" Is the Lord himself with you today?

"Holy Spirit Body"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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