Hidden Body Christ
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Hidden Body Christ
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Ideal Vehicle

Bunches of GrapesBecause we all have a human body, God wisely designed the hidden Body of Christ to enable every human being to completely understand it. Though effectively hidden like a sacrament, the Body of Christ is the ideal vehicle of faith. She is truly mysterious and mystical! Hidden bodies of Christ are as varied as human bodies. When we glance in the mirror, we are amazed at what the Creator God plans for our human body.

Ideal Vehicle of Faith

Wrinkles in SkinAll mystical bodies are not the same. Our frames vary in complexion, size, weight, and personal characteristics. Some may be large, others are small or thin. A few are very tall, others are short. Our skin may be black, brown, pink or yellow or something in between. Some are old, others middle aged or young. Like human bodies, each hidden Mystical Body of Christ is unique and bears different characteristics and behavior patterns.

Every Body Different

Baby SittingAs much as we would like to, we cannot say, "Aha, here is the perfect Body of Christ!" Like every other human organism, the hidden Body of Christ is continually changing in form and appearance. She develops as she ages and grows in character. Tell-tale signs take place due to this process. In human aging, wrinkles appear in the skin and the hair grays. So the hidden body of Christ ages and develops.

Constantly Changing

Girl with wet hairIn the hidden body of Christ, changes are constantly happening too. As no two photographs of a person are ever completely identical, so the hidden body of Christ is never the same. She is always developing, regrouping and blossoming. As a part of the mystical body dies, God grafts in another part to takes over that role. It is a great mystery!

"Hidden Body Christ"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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