Mystical Body Senses
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Mystical Body Senses
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Five Senses

The Five Body Senses 2The Mystical Body senses enable Christians to rely on Christ as the Head of the Body. Jesus gives sustenance, energy and the knowledge of the world around us through the human senses. The human head contains all the senses. Without sight, hearing, taste, smell or touch we are completely isolated from our surroundings. The Mystical Body like the human body tastes with its mouth. It hears through its ears. It sees using its eyes and smells with its nose. Only one of the senses, the sense of touch, is shared with the rest of the body through its largest organ, the skin.

Air and Food

Human earThe human mouth in the head tastes food and drink and inhales air on behalf of the whole frame. The mouth brings in all the nutritional needs for every part of the mystical body as well as invaluable air for our lungs. All our spiritual resources come through the Mystical Body head.

Connection to the Head

Spinal cord brokenIn other words, as Saint Paul writes in Ephesians 1.23, "Christ fills everything in every way." Christians need to be constantly aware of our senses, listening for and hearing the leading voice of Jesus in our lives. We are spiritually dead until Jesus communicates to and for us. Every Christian depends upon a connectedness to the Jesus Head to live the Christian life. A young woman in a wheelchair commented, "My spinal cord was severed and my brain was disconnected from my body. Sometimes, my arms and legs flailed around without warning and I was out of control! I was a perfect example of a body separated from its head."

"Mystical Body Senses"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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