Handing Gospel Over
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Handing Gospel Over
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Evangelism Becomes Central

Potter"Apostolic tradition" has been defined as "the dynamic missionary handing the gospel over." This means allowing the Gospel to blossom in people's lives. Many who share my concern for those "on the outside looking in" are calling for a "metanoia" (a "repentance" or a "turning around") in the church community to "being church." Many are "re-thinking" models of ministry that will help liberate the church from the self-captivity that comes in maintaining structures for the sake of tradition.

Hints of Change

Captain Bruce SmithHints of change are all around us, as mission and evangelism become central again, uniting our energy to break us out of the time-capsule we find ourselves locked into. Many are praying, even longing for the Spirit of God to take the liberty to sabotage our structures and traditions in order to make us more effective in handing the gospel over and caring for others in Christian community. It is all about people - truly caring for people.

"Handing Gospel Over"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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