Christian Faith People
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Christian Faith People
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Early Church Model

Lighthouse in the MistThe Household of Faith program is designed to encourage Christian faith people in the church. The Rev. Ron Meacock, formerly incumbent of the Parish of Hastings, believes the Households of Faith program will help to build Christian community and strengthen churches both locally and nationally. A group of lay people and clergy from across the diocese have worked on Households of Faith over a number of years.

Building Christian Faith

Group of PeopleThe Household of Faith is intended to be an extension of the local church that trains and nourishes Christian people and is mandated to divide and double its membership every two years. "What we're doing is looking at the Early Church model when groups of people met in homes. Friends would have come along. It would have become a large extended family group with many children, parents, grandparents, widowed people and others who simply were curious and were invited or even just wandered in."

Encourage Commitment

Group of Young PeopleThe current idea is not a new one but based on the Early Church model is basically to use the home as a center for evangelism and as a place from which Christians can go out and "share the faith." It builds not by someone on a street corner preaching or a person being argued into the faith on the doorstep, but by socializing with Christian people and being attracted to the Faith that they belong to.

"Christian Faith People"
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