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Sitting Bull's Family

Chief Sitting Bull The image on the right is that of Chief Sitting Bull's family (HiVu #1854) and is a sample of our Antique Photos available for you to see. Chief Sitting Bull (c1831-1890) whose Native American name was Tatanka Yotaka was a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux. His family were prominent spiritual leaders who actively resisted the white settlers. Contrary to popular belief, Sitting Bull was not involved in Custer's Last Stand at the Battle of Little Big Horn on the 25th June 1876. Chief Sitting Bull was assassinated in 1890 by US officials because they felt he was a threat to their authority. The actual photo originals of Chief Sitting Bull family were taken in the early 1880's and were hand painted for effect.

General Custer and Chief Gall

See also General Custer (HiVu #1809) and Chief Gall (HiVu #1804) who was Chief Sitting Bull's second-in-command and participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn. For more images like this one, please visit the Native History Photos Gallery For a complete text listing of more than 2300 slides, please view our Alphabetical Archival Listing.

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