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Emperor Meiji

Emperor MeijiAt the right is the image of the Emperor Meiji from around c1888 available in our Japan Photo Gallery (HiVu #1569). Canon Spencer visited Japan to see his family who were serving as missionaries there and took many of these glass slides at the time. The ones of Japanese Royalty in the Japan Photo Gallery were probably bought as factory images.

Crown Prince Empress

Other images from the Japan Photo Gallery include "The Crown Prince Yoshihito" dated around 1888 #1570, "The Empress Shoken" from 1888 #1571 and "Three Ainos" the Japanese aboriginals #1572. Also listed are "Mikado Mutsuhito" from c1868 #1573 and the Steamship "Majestic." For a complete text index of more than 2300 slides, please view our Alphabetical Archival Listing.

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