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Magic Lantern Slides

Man and Woman on SteamboatThis section of the antique photo image gallery focuses on First Nations life in the 1880's. These 2,300 magic lantern slide images from 1870 to 1905 gives a wonderful picture of life in Victorian Canada as well as a window into many places around the globe during this era. Magic lantern slides are small square pieces of glass on which an image has been formed by a very early photographic process. They are then placed in the slide of a projector and a picture illuminates a screen. These were frequently used to illustrate travels in the Victorian era or to tell stories even to deter the abuse of alcohol or other social anomalies at the time. They were very popular in small towns before the introduction of black and white silent moving images and later the color cinema productions with voice over to what we have today.✞

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Here you will find one hundred Native antique photo image and over two thousand rare copies of people and places in black and white and hand painted color from that time. These historical images were collected by a gifted photographer, The Rev Canon P. L. Spencer, (1875- ) from his travels to visit his children who were clergy or missionaries across Canada and the USA and abroad.

Named Westdale Ontario

The slides were then projected as lantern slides programs to audiences in Southern Ontario, Canada. These images from Canada, the United States, Borneo, England, Australia and other far flung places were sure to intrigue and please. You are welcome to explore to your hearts content. By the way, Canon Spencer was famous in another way as he won the prize of $200 in 1923 for a "Name the Neighborhood Contest" for the district of Hamilton called Westdale! It was reported at the time that 6,170 people gathered at the Connaught Hotel for this announcement. Enjoy these images! Watch for regular new additions and features.

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