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Magic Lantern Slide

Beaumaris Steamship Muskoka

HiVu Photos #237 (c1890) At the right is a sample of the images (HiVu #237 c1890) available in our Canada photos gallery from the Percival Lawton Spencer Collection. This particular slide from the 1870's shows a paddle steamer used on the Great Lakes. This slide from the Photos Gallery is listed as 'Beaumaris steamship Muskoka' the place probably being Muskoka and the ship's name Beaumaris.

Muskoka Mystery

Maybe the building behind the ship is the Beaumaris Hotel in the settlement of Beaumaris in the Muskoka District of Ontario? It looks to be a ferry for the Victorian families who enjoyed leaving the smog and coal dust of the cities to "take the air" in cottage country. It is typical of the many glass lantern slides in our Photos Gallery. For a complete text listing of more than 2,300 slides, please view our Alphabetical Archival Listing.

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