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Antique Lantern Slides

Percival Lawton Spencer

Japan Picture of the EmperorThis "about us" section shows details of the antique lantern slides otherwise called magic lantern slides. It was set up in June 2000 to provide information as reference materials for history buffs, genealogy and other historical research. Canon Percival Lawton Spencer took many photographs and collected other factory made images from many parts of the world. He travelled widely during his work and these images give us many interesting insights into life in the Victorian era. These beautiful antique slides provide a little bit of history and a little bit of mystery.

Canada In 1854

Slides predate black and white movies and the full colored films we are used to in movie theatres today. Lantern slides Shows in those early days were of great interest in communities with no radio or television and with little knowledge of the outside world. Percival Spencer came to Canada across the Atlantic by ship in 1854 as a young five year boy. It was the pioneering days before even railways existed. He travelled on ox carts with his parents along wooden bush roads.

The Fenian Uprising

Percival as a young man enlisted and took part in the Fenian uprising for which he was rewarded with a piece of land in Canada by the British Government. Later, he became a distinguished clergyman and one of the six founding clerics in the Diocese of Niagara of The Church of England in Canada. His record of life and times in the Victorian era with his lantern slides together with his written work give us great insights into this age. We hope you enjoy your World tour.

"Antique Lantern Slides"
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