Shrinking Parish Churches The Demographic Shift
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Plan for the Future

What could change this outcome? Is it possible to re-gear our present shrinking Parish Churches to meet this challenge? With a concentrated effort, as was experienced in Toronto East Deanery some years ago, it is possible for parishes to flourish. Evangelism Committees in each of the twelve parishes planned and developed new projects.

Congregations Re-gear

After two years, it was the only deanery in the whole diocese to have both youth ministry and an active church school in every parish. This kind of development takes a major change in mind-set, which is very difficult to achieve, especially in a majority of family-size shrinking Parish Churches led by dominant matriarchs and patriarchs. In pastoral and program parishes, the clergy have a greater opportunity to effect change but even this is not easy, especially in the long term.

"Shrinking Parish Churches"
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