Anglican Faith Churches The Demographic Shift
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Another possible response to the demographic transition is to consciously disengage the Anglican Faith Churches from their institutions, i.e. to instigate a house church movement. Being free of the necessity of buildings, they may be better able to influence the Baby Boomers in the demographic shift for good. These non church based faith groups could be loosely attached to one Anglican congregation in the area.

Household Churches

Churches of the Anglican Faith would then be led and modeled on the New Testament and Early Church households of faith. They would conduct their own baptisms, baptismal preparation, Eucharist and local outreach, including the caring for widows, the poor and the homeless. Maybe in another fifty years, the institutional church will re-emerge in all its old strength.

Hopeless People

The Generation X-ers are a step behind the Boomers as far as the Christian Faith is concerned. These are described by some experts as "hopeless, unmotivated and unhappy people." From our churches, we could offer them hope, fulfillment and meaning for life. If their Generation X characteristics carry through into middle age, then our Judeo-Christian societal structure and lifestyle could collapse but a loose household based model could emerge.

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