Christian Disco Ministry
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Christian Disco Ministry
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Coffee House Formats

Disco CrowdJohn continued, "We've got a hundred and forty people in tonight. They all paid too!" A wave of pride gushed up within him and splashed across his face in a grin. "What happens if there's any trouble?" Bob began then exclaimed, "Hey, isn't that the boy who was put on probation for breaking into the Rectory?" John avoided an answer. "It's a great opportunity to share our faith with our school friends," he explained.

Non-Church People

"Most of these people never come to church, you know." By this time, the club leader had also noticed Bob and had come over to greet him. "It's lovely to see you, Mr. Elliot. I hadn't expected you to come tonight. Will you be staying for the two-minute talks? You'd be amazed at some of the questions we get asked afterward. One guy thought that God was a spaceman! We soon straightened him out!" Bob stood silently, frozen in indecision. A remote glazed look fixed upon his brow. Suddenly, without a word, he broke away and quickly sped towards the exit. "Aren't you staying, Mr. Elliot?" John called after him. Raising both hands in a hopeless gesture, Bob bellowed back apologetically, "IT'S NOT MY CUP OF TEA!"

"Christian Disco Ministry"
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