Mine Twice Over
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Mine Twice Over
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Jimmy's Boat

Childs Boat"Mine Twice Over" is a children's story about Jimmy and his boat.

There was once a little boy named Jimmy who decided one day to use his pocket money to buy some balsa wood which is easy to carve and very lightweight, some cloth, string and paint and make himself a model sailing ship. When it was completed, Jimmy was ever so proud for he had made it all himself! Jimmy took his model boat to school and showed it to his teacher, Mr. Jones.

What a Lovely Boat

Teaching Children"What a lovely boat!" said Mr. Jones. "We will have to show it to the Principal" who was the head teacher and director of the school. The Principal said, "What a lovely sailing ship!, I'd like to show the whole school what you have created!" All the other children thought it was great and the Principal placed it on the display table for all to see.

Jimmy's Boat Lost!

When the afternoon bell rang, Jimmy raced into the assembly hall to pick up his boat and take it home. To his horror, he found that it was gone. Someone had stolen it and he thought he would never see his boat again. The story continues.

"Mine Twice Over"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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