Mashed Potato Christians
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Boiled Potato Christians 199

Mingling Evangelism

Mashed PotatoesBob Elliot's reaction did not take into account the fact that in the Christian disco, teenagers were reaching other teenagers for Christ. They were mingling if you like as "mashed potato Christians." Bob's conventional image of evangelism was a "boiled potato one" and didn't include flashing lights and pop music. He had closed his mind to the opportunity because it didn't have the usual evangelistic trappings. It wasn't in church! It wasn't accompanied by rousing hymns. It wasn't conveniently closed off with an appeal and coffee afterwards in the church hall.✞

Adapt to the Hearers

To take a good humored slap at these well-tried and accepted methods does not mean that I am inferring that they are no longer any use and should be abandoned! In the service of Jesus Christ, we should be prepared to adapt to the needs of the individual or group we are addressing. To become "mashed potatoes" rather than a "boiled potatoes" is not always an easy thing to do.✞

"Mashed Potato Christians"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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