Christ Expressing Teacher
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Christ Expressing Teacher
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Children's Personalities Develop

Parent and childA child's personality develops and his or her character grows in a spiral manner like climbing a spiral staircase. As the child gets to a new level he or she may ask the same question over and over again. A wise teacher will observe this process in her pupils and adapt accordingly. A big factor in this infant growth is the influence of the teacher which is the second side in any meaningful relationship.

Teacher's Influence

Teacher and ChildBeatrice Clelland (1912-1997) wrote a beautiful poem called "Indwelt" which is often quoted regarding expressing Christ. It begins, "Not merely in the words you say, Not only in your deeds confessed,
but in the most unconscious way is Christ expressed.

Is it a beautiful smile, a holy light upon your brow?
Oh, no! I felt his presence while you laughed just now.

For me, was not the truth you taught, (to you so clear, to me so dim,)
but when you came, you brought to me a sense of him.

And from your eyes, he beckons me, and from your heart, his love is shed,
till I lose sight of you and see Christ instead."

"Christ Expressing Teacher"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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