Deep Feeling Children
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Deep Feeling Children
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TeethMany adults confuse "thinking simply" with shallowness. However simple children's thoughts may be, feelings can run deep. Two rivers may flow along at the same rate per minute. The one is wide and shallow as it meanders through a flat grassland, the other is narrow, fast and deep. Like the narrow river, children appear to be unconcerned but underneath there courses carry far more depth of feeling than many adults. Like most mothers, my wife had told my eight year old daughter to be sure and eat all her lunch, and not to waste any of it. That day, Jane hadn't been able to finish her lunch and had thrown part of it away. To our small girl this took on great significance with us later as her feelings ran very deep.

Spiral Staircase

Message from Mouth to EarA child's growth is a little like a spiral learning staircase. Beginning at ground level, the developing personality travels upward round and around. At each new level a question may be asked by the child and an answer given to everyone's apparent satisfaction. Then, when the next level is reached, the little one may well repeat the same question again and at the next one enquire once again. To some, the assumption would be that the lesson hadn't been learned the first time. In fact, what we are seeing is the learning process. This one step at a time repeated over and over is the road to maturity. So the barrage of questions never ceases on the way to growth.

"Deep Feeling Children"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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