Practice Playing Music
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Practice Playing Music
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Same Three Chords

The Pianist PaderewskiTo practice playing music is the key to success. Paderewski, (1860-1941) was one of the greatest pianists of all time and would practice a bar of music as many as forty times until he had it right. He was a strong advocate for Polish independence and insisted on perfection. Before any concert, he rehearsed the whole work through even though he had played it so many times that he knew it by heart. On one occasion, he performed before Queen Victoria (1819-1901) who reigned in Britain for 64 years and with her husband, Prince Albert also played the piano. Some historians put down their romance to a duet they played together when they met for the second time. "Mr. Paderewski," Queen Victoria said, "you are a genius." "That may be," he answered, "but before I was a genius, I was a drudge." The key is to practice and practice. So we must start now too!

Practicing Many Times

Guitar ChordsAt first, your fingertips will be sore, but they will harden up as you continue. Movements will begin to flow as you feel more at home with the instrument. Now that you have three chords mastered, you can accompany a simple song. If you move the capo up to just behind the fifth fret you can now play "Amazing Grace" with the same three chords but in the higher key of G. With no capo, the guitar plays in the key of D with the D chords, but with the capo behind the second fret you will now play in the key of E. Similarly, the third is F and the fifth is G, the seventh is A and so on.

"Practice Playing Music"
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