Easy Guitar Chords
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Easy Guitar Chords
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Using a Capo

HarpI would highly commend those with the talent to go on to greater musical heights, but in the meantime let everyone else join in with three easy guitar chords. Let them be free to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, albeit in an imperfect way. If you are already an accomplished guitarist then read no further. The help I offer is for those who would be music makers rather than musicians. By the way, a good music maker has many skills which a musician may not have, and these need to be learned too. Skills and gifts in the area of communication rather than in musical expertise. My aim is to make accompaniment easier.✞

Music Makers

Man playing GuitarThe best way initially is to use easy guitar chords. These are called D, A7 and a modified G. Secondly, the easy way to change key is to employ a capo, a metal bar that holds the strings down. The "Dunlop" type of capo is by far the best type as it clips on quickly and can slide up or down the frets easily. It is worth shopping around to get this particular type though they are bringing out new designs all the time. Thirdly, tune down the bottom string until it is an octave lower than the fourth string. Using these easy guitar chords saves having to stretch the little finger across the strings to the far side. It always did seem like a silly action to me anyhow! Once we are tuned we need to practice the three chords and changing from one to the other and back. Using the capo with these same chords can place us in any other key. Now you can probably play at will E, F, G, and A and ninety percent of modern Christian songs. I say "modern" in that a large number of the classical hymns cannot be practically strummed on the guitar anyway, one would need to change to a different chord on just about every syllable!

"Easy Guitar Chords"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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