Humming Singing Worship
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Humming Singing Worship
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Helps People Relax

Singing ChildrenWhat function does humming and singing worship serve in our mission work? A driving instructor in France noticed one day how tense his pupils were immediately before taking a driving lesson. As an experiment, he suggested they try singing quietly to themselves or humming while they were behind the wheel. The results were surprising! There were fewer accidents and an overall improvement in the standard of driving. The instructor concluded, "Humming takes the tension out of traveling." Similarly, humming or singing helps people relax and enables them to be much more open to God. Whether music and singing is led by an organ and choir or a guitar or even unaccompanied it gets people into the right frame of mind for fellowship.✞

"Humming Singing Worship"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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