Ladder Lettering Alphabet
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Ladder Lettering Alphabet
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Bubble Letter Example

Bubble Lettering ExampleThe ladder lettering presentation is completed and the ladder lettering alphabet needs to be erased, the cleaner button on the applicator is pressed to apply a squirt of fluid on to the area in question. The handheld equipment then lifts a sheet of paper from the holder and wipes the board with it before releasing it into a garbage can. Two types of markers are used for ladder or bubble lettering system when used on paper or card. The one permanent type of marker leaves semi-permanent lines for the outline of a map, music staves or lettering guidelines. The other type of marker is erasable in the normal course of events. Another type of marker board is available which doesn't use cleaning fluid. This is called the dry erase marker board. To add an extra professional touch in your teaching use bubble or ladder lettering for keywords or phrases. Try the complete alphabets yourself in the following exercises.

Write out the Full Alphabet in upper case A to Z.

"Ladder Lettering Alphabet"
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