Marker Boards Techniques
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Marker Board Techniques
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Large Color Felt Markers

Church InteriorIn only five short minutes, the Christian story can be communicated in a clear, interesting, and appealing way using marker board techniques. A small but personal group of people outdoors may be addressed in a busy part of a large city or out in the open-air in a park or on the seashore. In other indoor situations, it can be equally useful. I have used these types of marker boards techniques in family services in a large church, to holidaymakers in a bingo hall or to a group of teenagers at a Christian disco. The key to success is practice and repeated practice!


Marker Board MarkersThese techniques can be used not only with paint but also with large color felt tip pens. These are a little cleaner than wet paint which does tend to run on the board and can easily end up either on the floor or on your clothes! There are potential problems but the single biggest advantage of ladder lettering is its visibility. Even in a large hall or church, four or five inch high letters and words can easily be seen a hundred feet or more away. If you are a little nervous about making mistakes try drawing out the lines faintly in pencil beforehand as a guide.


MicrophoneA small portable or clip-on microphone hung around the neck is a great asset too, as it will enable you to partly turn your back on your audience and still be able to be heard.

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