Magnetic Board Accessories
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Magnetic Board Accessories
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Fridge Magnets

Magnetic TapeMany of the large grocery stores sell magnetic pieces in the shape of numbers, letters, butterflies, flowers, and animals to hold notes and menus on the side of a fridge. There are also magnetic hooks to hand pictures or other items from. A whiteboard caddy can be hung on magnets to hold markers, an eraser, and other items. Magnets come in a variety of shapes including arrows, buttons of various sizes in bright colors and stars. Two large ladybirds originally intended for this purpose served me very well as scorekeepers for children's quizzes for several years. A large music staff magnet preprinted with the musical score lines can be attached to a magnetic board for a music classroom. There is even a satin steel magnetic coat hook to attach to the side of the board.

Attractive Tape

Fridge MagnetsTwo strips of magnetic board tapes or magnetic strips marked with half-inch diameter stickers every four inches may be inclined at about forty-five degrees like the sides of a mountain with a picture at the summit as a scoreboard for the children. The ladybirds (red for the girls and blue for the boys) move two spaces forward for a correct answer and one back for a wrong one. The winning team is the one that reaches the top first.✞

"Magnetic Board Accessories"
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